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After many years of wanting to climb the Eiger (see: “Eiger Obsession”), I finally waved from the summit in late September, 2005. MacGillivray Freeman Films made a wonderful giant screen (a.k.a. “Imax”) movie of my climb, under the superb direction of Steve Judson, called The Alps.

Alps Trailer

The 1.5-minute film at the top is the movie’s trailer. Exciting footage makes this a mini-film in its own right.

MFF On Location #8: First Steps

The 4-minute behind-the-scenes video recounts background to filming The Alps, and shows great footage from the film.

Eiger Tragedy & Triumph

This short melodramatic newsreel about Dad’s funeral and the completion of the John Harlin Route came as a shock to my mother when she was at the cinema in Leysin. She had no idea it had been made. (For this video only, click the little triangle at the bottom.)

MFF On Location #9: John Harlin III

This 3-minute video podcast tells a bit more about my background and role in the film.

MFF On Location #10: Climbing Families

Interviews with my family and Robert and Daniela Jasper. I love nine-year-old Siena’s confidence in my ability, but contrary to what she says, the film crew was not with us during the climb (cameras were positioned by helicopter).

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