Videos by and about John


This collection brings together various videos, from TV interviews to film trailers and raw clips.

Interviews with John

This page features a couple of TV interviews. One is a great piece by CBS Sunday Morning. The other a more routine interview with Fox & Friends. Videos

The videographers at have produced two short pieces about my journey so far, one explaining the technical process of live blogging, and the other reflecting on the first two stages, including nice excerpts from my videos.

Rescue Videos

On 1 July 2010 I pulled a 2-meter-high rock off of the Grand Gendarme on the Aiguilles Rouge du Mont Dolent. Together we fell 15 meters (the rock continued down another 1,000m, but the rope caught me). On the way down I broke my feet, so I called for a rescue from Rega, the Swiss mountain rescue company.

Alps Trailer & Eiger Videos

The Imax-theater movie The Alps centered around my ascent of the Eiger along with a reenactment of Dad’s climb and death 40 years earlier. Here is the movie’s trailer along with film-related interviews and a newsreel of Dad’s funeral.