Swiss Borders videos from swissinfo


The videographers at produced three lovely little films about my journey.

The top one, “swissinfo Harlin Project,” was made for the Prix Europa competition among new media projects (alas, we didn’t win). It’s a great 3-minute synopsis of my journey, but mostly it describes how swissinfo is managing the editorial project, especially the technology.

The middle one, “Along the Swiss Border,” is an interview with me on the shore of Lake Geneva near the end of Stage 2. The 5-minute video shows a lot of movie footage that I shot during the first part (before my accident) while I describe the journey thus far. The person in most of the video footage is Cam Burns, who flew over to be my partner for three weeks of difficult climbing--unfortunately his journey lasted less than a week, ending when I took my tumble.

The bottom one, “Border Stories,” was filmed above Leysin just before the final, 70-day segment, when I hiked and climbed the borders of Lichtenstein, Austria, and Italy. (You’ll need to click the triangle on this one.)

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